Katharine Keenan, PhD

Educator and




For the past five years I have had the pleasure of teaching a general education curriculum to first year students at Carthage College. In addition I have taught courses in classics, history, sociology, and qualitative research methods. As an Applied Anthropologist, my research focuses on the reinvention and revitalization of place through art and performance. Both in my teaching and research I focus on asking the right kind of questions—not “why” or “how” but often, “what is going on here?” How best to describe the daily activities, negotiations, and mythologies of human life?

This website is an exploration of the various angles of approach that I take to answer that question, from my ethnographic research in Northern Ireland, to the Core Curricula I teach, and the alternative assessment methodologies in which I attempt to capture the intangible outcomes of a liberal arts education. In my blog, The Left Hand of the HumanitiesI discuss these experiences and reflect, with an ethnographer's inquiring eye, on my work at the crossroads of the humanities.